What are our next steps?

1. Contact us at 952-843-8832 to set up an initial consultation. We will go through your lifestyle desires, care needs, size of the community, financial resources, location and discuss your options.

2. If you choose to engage the services of Abrazzo as your Senior Care Advising Agency we will provide a comprehensive list of communities that are a great fit for you or your loved one, along with a complete review of our initial meeting. These communities will be broken down into cost/cares/location/amenities and availability.

3. We will set-up and accompany you and your family on tours at the desired living options, asking all the difficult questions as well as supplying a detailed follow-up of our tours after.

4. Attend Care Conference or meet with Discharge Planner if needed.

5. Facilitation of Move-In upon guarantee of eligibility and signing of the lease.

6. Follow-Up Peace of Mind Visit(s)

7. Continued support and resources available.

What other services do you offer?

Transportation to medical appointments with notes about the appointment and follow-up if needed. (Individual must be able to transfer in/out of vehicle independently)

Transportation of the client and their pet to veterinary appointments. (Individual must be able to transfer in/out of vehicle independently)

** These services are offered on a per hour based fee

Can I contact any of your past clients that you have worked with in the past?

Abrazzo would be happy to provide you with a list of references.

What other resources do you have available for referrals if we need them?

Abrazzo has many referrals that we have personally vetted and trust. We can supply referrals to:

Movers/DownsizingAgencies, Realtors, Elder Law Attorneys, Financial Planners,

Transitional Care Units, Respite, Private Pay In-Home Care Providers,

Medicare Home Health, Specialty Care Therapy (PT/OT/ST),

Travel Services Assistance Programs.

Can you help me to understand what Medicare, Long-Term Care Insurance and Medicaid pays for?

This is Abrazzo’s specialty. Abrazzo takes the time to listen about your living plus care needs and how that will impact you financially. Our goal is not to plan only for today, but to look at the whole picture and plan long-term.


Senior Linkage Line

This is the Minnesota Board on Aging’s free statewide information and assistance
services line. Offers assistance throughout all 87 Minnesota counties

Minnesota Help

Statewide database of community resources with specialized topic areas containing resources for older adults.



Kim Campbell
Your Companion and Guide Through The Journey of Caregiving


Alzheimer’s Association


We’re ready to help you find care for your loved one!

We’re ready to help you find care for your loved one!